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About Me


Sadist - Playful - Sensual ...and so many other things! 

I love to bring a blend of playfulness, creativity, and sensuality to the realm of dominance.

I explore the boundaries of desire with an artistic touch. I believe in playful interactions, where fantasies come to life in the most creative and unexpected ways. My favourite experiences are those that feel connected and trusting. 

In my trance, your submission becomes a true work of art.  

My approach goes beyond the traditional power dynamics, offering a transformative journey into the depths of submission and the self.  

With my firm but gentle hand, I create a safe and consensual space where we can explore our deepest fantasies while embracing the joys of sensuality and creativity. 


About you

My experiences are designed for those who seek to explore the hidden facets of their desires in a consensual and respectful setting. I welcome those with a thirst for adventure and a willingness to trust in the journey. 

I value open communication and mutual respect. 

My subs are those who understand the beauty of surrender, appreciate the art of sensuality, and are ready to embark on an unforgettable voyage of self-discovery and pleasure. 

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